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Stone Search is a fully-automated smart platform for trading natural as well as lab-grown diamonds. The user-friendly interface can enable brokers to look out for their requirements conveniently over a smartphone through the most convenient ‘WhatsApp’.

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Easiest way of Trading

Our innovative solution has devised the most convenient way to Trade Diamonds


Diamond buyers now have a user-friendly solution for purchasing on Whatsapp. Type your demand and get demand list in seconds.

QR code

Stone Search provides with a QR code scan option for merchants to display all their inventory to the customers.

Seller Portal

Sellers can manage their entire demands of Natural as well as Lab Grown diamonds with real time updates of enquiries.


Thousands of Verified Diamond Suppliers Worldwide at Leading Search Platform!

In today’s digital age, Stone search is disrupting the entire Diamond industry and merchant aggregators by shaking-up the buying & selling process and revolutionizing the world of multi-million dollar business. Because of this influence, the diamond aggregator model is spreading in popularity and usage at breakneck speed across the globe.

Stone Search allows you to receive quotations from multiple sellers and buyers of diamonds so that you can book the best prices.

Stone Search provides diamond businesses with a simple solution to enhance profits, augment efficiency and accelerate growth with its B2B diamond marketplace.

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Benefits to Buyer

The Customers will enjoy Countless Benefits by availing our Unique Search Engine Solution

User Friendly

We have devised the most user-friendly and hassle free strategy to assist you in making the purchase decision easy and convenient

Wider choice

When in doubt in choosing the best quotation from various sellers, we come to your aid.

Latest Technology

Take a look at the greatest technology that has been created with user friendliness in mind, and join us.

Verified Sellers

Only trusted, verified and authentic sellers are available on the platform.

Transparency of price

A quick view of all the sellers at one glance with the prices, weight and certificate number helps make a concrete decision.


Judicious selection of products through a simple click on WhatsApp.

Seller Upload Portal

Benefits to Seller

  • Sell More: Get more customers and sales by adding thousands of diamonds and jewellery products to your online store, increasing your sales and profits.

  • Convenient: By simply filling out a stock related excel sheet, Stone Search puts you in direct touch with customers over WhatsApp and allows you to present your product's details.

  • Data safety assured: Secure algorithms that safeguard your valuable data

  • User interactive: Stone Search provides you with real-time data on the stocks that have been sold.

  • Efficient: Increases the flow of customers as the enhanced interaction through Whatsapp with the buyers directs the sales.


Get your Company's
QR code

Stone search provides with a Unique QR code scan option for each Merchant to display all their products to a Customer by scanning the code.

Eliminate sending demand list, share code
No more queue of brokers outside the office
Customised Demand

Got Questions? Look Here

Get more clarity about our innovative solution

What is Stone search?

Stone search is an aggregator platform connecting the buyers and sellers of the diamond industry through a convenient method for ease of buying and selling.

What is the procedure of Opening a Stone Search Account?

The opening of an account with Stone search is very simple and easy. You can send a message through WhatsApp on the number. You shall get a registration link where you can fill up your KYC details. Alternatively, Click on ‘Get Started’ icon on the website which leads you to the KYC page. Once you fill up the KYC details, we shall verify and get back to you within 3 working days.

How to set up your Stone Search company profile?

Once you login to client’s profile, there is an option to view profile and edit information. The details will be verified and displayed on the portal.

How many devices are allowed to log in to Stonesearch?

The portal is device specific and only one number will be allowed to login which is registered.

Is there any Free Trial system available with Stone search?

Yes, Stone search has a 14 day trial period where:
-> For buyers - 10 Searches a day can be made on WhatsApp
-> For sellers Maximum 500 stones can be uploaded by sellers
Post this period the sellers can continue to have a maximum stock of 500 diamonds without any additional charges.

What does it cost to sell diamonds on Stone Search?

Stone search charges no commission on the trading.

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